PricingService API

Dealer Solutions PricingService API

Pricing Service API allows you to easily integrate Kelley Blue Book® Values and Price Advisor into your website, mobile app, inventory management system, or loan origination platform, allowing for a customized experience.

Create Trust and Engage With Your Customers

Kelley Blue Book® Values and Price Advisor helps increase customer trust, set realistic expectations and takes the hassle out of pricing conversations. Integrating Price Advisor onto your website’s Vehicle Detail Pages helps give your shoppers confidence that they can get a fair price, and there’s no need for the shopper to leave your website to look anywhere else for pricing.


PricingService API provides access to these Kelley Blue Book® Values:

  • Typical Dealer Asking Price and Range
  • Private Party Value and Rang
  • Trade-In Value and Range
  • Auction Value and Range
  • Original MSRP

Technical Specs

  • Internet-accessible service using REST
  • Compatible with virtually any development language or mechanism that supports REST compatible services
  • Technical support available during normal business hours
  • Complete and thorough documentation available through our developer portal

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