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We have a unique three stage approach to developing the Kelley Blue Book® Canada
values – Data, Science and Art.

It all starts with Data, more specifically, Canadian Data – we analyze nearly two decades worth of data points that we are able to access through our relationships with various Cox Automotive Canada business units and industry partners.

Although Data is nothing without analysis, which brings us to the Science portion of developing the values. Our trained team of statisticians and data scientists have developed a proprietary algorithm that takes into consideration a multitude of factors before developing a forecasted value. Some of these factors include mileage, condition, trim, exterior paint colour and seasonality to name a few.

Last, but not least, is Art – we have a local team of Canadian analysts with nearly 100 years of combined experience in the industry review every single vehicle trim on a three-week cycle. Their responsibility is to ensure that all relevant market trends are taken into consideration before publishing our forecasted values to the public – they look at economic, political, environmental and general market trends to understand any fluctuations in the market and how it should be reflected in Kelley Blue Book® Canada values.

Connect with someone from the Kelley Blue Book® team to learn more about our proprietary approach to developing vehicle values and how it could best suit your needs.

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